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Benefits Of Living Green Walls In The Place

Today most people love to grow plants on the walls of the house or office. Green walls help to maintain the temperature of the place and provide a healthy temperature for the people. If you have listens to the name living walls as it describes something alive. Living green walls also help to enhance the visuals of buildings or places and also improve the quality of air.

If the walls are green at the office then it provides exotic freshness to the employees and always keeps their energy level high that makes them ready for the work every time. We all know that due to the increases in population urbanization has increased and this leads to the cutting of trees. Deforestation means no more fresh air for breathing and with increases in vehicles has created the pollution that emits harmful gases. This directly affects the health of people and causes very chronic diseases.

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For solving such issues people have to opt living green walls and it is an amazing solution. This has also become the art and also adding value and beauty to space. The idea of living walls has been arrived in the year 1970s and offering the greenery to the place. The green walls also carry out with the plant selection, exclusive design, horticulture plant care, and engineering. It is the way through which people can easily promote biodiversity in the city. This has also studied that people are happier in the green as a contrast to the grey environment. Living green walls also provide the life-renewing greenery to the interior.

We have brought some benefits of equipping green walls to the area.

Improve the quality of air

It has been exploring that living green walls act as natural air-filter and provide a clean environment. This is a great idea for the working place as it will offer an invigorating environment that leads to a high production rate with healthy employees. The walls help to convert the carbon dioxide into the oxygen so people can breathe fresh air with the removal of pollution. It has been proved that plants and microbes avail in the soil easily absorb the harmful VOCs and convert into the compound needed by plants to prepare their food. This way you can save your health from such harmful toxins.

Increases feeling of well-being

Living Green WallsNowadays most people suffering from chronic diseases and all this due to the intake of harmful gasses. But with the living green walls, you can easily reduce the consequences of harmful toxins. This helps to get cleaner air and it will automatically provide healthy air that means no more complaints of problems during breathing, headache, and many others. This way, employees will always present at their work and also helps to get focus on their tasks. Green walls easily reduce the issue of illness and offer well-being to all people.

Reduces the level of noise

Yes, it is true living green walls also act as a barrier for the sounds. It is the reason you have sight green walls at the hospitals. It has been exploring that green walls help to absorb 45% of sound as a contrast to the traditional facade. Even you have sight that plants have been used around the roads and highways to reduce the noise. Green walls naturally block the high-frequency sound and convert it into the low-frequency noise with ease. It also acts as the insulation that creates the layer between plants and walls. This helps to reduce noise level through refracting, reflecting, and also absorb the acoustic energy.

Reduce stress and boost productivity

Today people carry lots of stress due to hustle-bustle life and this offers a negative effect on the work. When you equip the living green walls then it provides a green environment for the workplace and offers a positive impact on the people’s well-being. Greenery automatically reduces stress so that people can think creatively and increases production with ease. Even green walls also help to reduce muscle tension, high blood pressure and improve the brain and heart activity. Green employees always have positive moods that enhance their learning capacity and then they efficiently take the right decision. This also offers exposure to human beings with innovative ideas and logical reasoning.

Provides powerful healing environment for people

Due to multiple diseases, people have to face pain and a long stay at the hospital. This not only increases the amount but also make a person frustrated. But green walls also provide a faster recovery solution that automatically cut the stay period at the hospital. It is the reason it also is known as a healing environment. When you grow green plants and colorful flowers then it reduces the stress of the patient and promotes the recovery from the diseases easily.


indoor verticle garden

Benefits of The Indoor Vertical Garden – Living Green Walls

Today people are constructing the house with special space for plants inside the house for providing pure air. It is the fact that people constructing day by day to the indoor spaces as it also provides an attractive look to the house. This is also modern-day aspirations and offers a space-saving solution with greenery. Indoor Vertical Garden is a thing that provides the flexibility to the homeowners to grow more plants and vegetables indoors.

This is possible with the planning and techniques of conventional gardening with ease. We all know that today breathing air has become so toxic and not good for health. Vertical gardening is one of the best options to solve the issue of toxic air and gets healthy breathing air into the body. Read more

Importance of Implementing green wall and green roof technology

Green roofs and green walls have been there for a long time now. Incorporating greenery or plants while designing the building is a beautiful idea since it is robust to the change in the climate.

What exactly are green roofs? There are varied types of green roofs. Mostly they are known to be including certain layers of waterproofing, soil, drainage and then plants.

The green roofs can be either constructed in modules or they can be in loose lay. Talking about the modular designs, it would mean that there are layers which are pre-planted into plastic boxes which are light weight. Read more

Tips for Living Walls for Small Spaces

The living green walls are turning out to be a modern trend seen in most of the households as well as the offices. They come along with a lot of benefit such as health benefits, reducing the level of noise, and so on. Though everyone may have dreamt of having such a green wall but in few cases people may be wondering how can these work out in cases of small spaces such as the urban areas. Read more

Indoor Vertical Garden Ideas to Brighten Up Any Space

Not having a large space or a patio for your garden. There is no need to worry since you can have your very own garden indoors itself and brighten up the area.

These gardens are called living green walls or vertical gardens and they come in varied sizes and shapes.

All you need to do is allow your imagination to flow and see how you would want your garden to look indoors.

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35% of Office Workers Spend Less Than 15 Minutes Outdoors Each Day

A survey carried out by a well-known company showed some alarming statistics. They concluded that office workers tend to spend a limited amount of time outdoors every day more than 15 Minutes Outdoors. Read more

How long do living green walls last?

The living green walls which are also referred to as vertical gardens or living walls are turning out to be a living piece of art which can be attached to the interior as well as exterior surfaces of the wall.

They are not the same as climbers or creepers or also called the green facades. These living green walls are basically panels of various plants which are said to be grown in a vertical fashion with the help of hydroponics on the structures which can be either attached to the wall or they can be separate as free-standing. Read more

How to Build a Living Wall Vertical Garden?

The living green wall is basically considered to be an arrangement of various types of plants to be placed on a vertical façade for example either inside or outside of the building or home.

These plants placed on the structures help in purifying the air and at the same time, they can reduce the temperatures thereby saving a lot of energy costs.

Living Wall

The living green walls can be also based on a simpler configuration wherein the plants can be grouped in together for making the environment look greener. Below are few of the ways on how to build the living green walls: Read more

Indoor Plants – Man’s Next Real Best Friend!

Whether you live in a metro or a tier-2 city in India, our cities are fast running out of space. Large residential and commercial facilities are built in a matter of months, and roadways are converted into concrete pathways of pollution-emitting mayhem. Gardens and green spaces are becoming harder to find. Rapid urban development is critical for businesses to grow and prosper, yet our health is taking a serious battering. Read more

Green Walls – A necessity in the office spaces of the future

If you’ve ever spotted a green wall or a vertical garden in an office, hospital or any other enclosed public space, then you would have probably considered it to be part of a natural-looking decor.

You may even have reached out with your hand and felt the leaves to check if they were real!

Most people believe that green walls and other indoor plants provide a fresh air, natural-looking interior design along with a dash of fresh natural air and oxygen. Read more