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What types of plants are used in living green walls?

The living green walls are being considered as one of the best ways to make that space stand out from the rest. Whether this living green walls is in placed in a home or whether it is a business organization, it brings about a visual appearance that seems to be too welcoming and inviting.

It not only provides that aesthetic look to it but it has a lot of potential health benefits for the members. Even though the green walls are something that can be custom made based on the preferences of the client but there are certain plants that are well suited to be used on these walls instead of going in for any plants. Read more

Indoors or Out: Tips for Creating a Vertical Garden

The vertical gardens or the living green walls are basically adding another sort of dimension to your space whether it is indoors or outdoors. Irrespective of the type of plants you would want to grow up in the garden, you could always save a little space for a garden that aesthetically looks amazing and also grows up. These vertical gardens are turning out to be one of the hottest trend in terms of designing a space instead of keeping it just blank. But it is also an oldest mode of designing which people have started to opt for lately due to the numerous benefits it is coming up with. These vertical gardens would immediately draw its attention for disguising a particular section which is not attractive or has some flaws. This kind of gardening style is turning out to be one of the perfect solution for any kind of garden whether it is indoors or it is out. Read more


VOCs: Break Free From Them Today!

If you’re reading this whilst surrounded by green plants, perhaps in a garden lined with trees along the periphery, with water trickling through small channels irrigating the flora, then you’re in nature’s good hands!

If, however, you’ve gotten yourself within the clutches of a comfortable, closed, air-conditioned room, you need to take a hard look at your surroundings – partitioned walls spruced up in sections perhaps by layers of fancy wallpaper, lavish wood, Read more