Indoors, in addition to particulate matter pollution, there is also the adverse effect of organic pollutants found in paints and varnishes, floor coverings and wallpaper, upholstery and textiles, computers, printers, and copiers. There are also allergens and animal hair. Since people in India spend over 90% of their time in interiors, this is adversely affected by pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons and residual solvents. In sum, these are significant stress factors for the immune system, because most pollutants enter the human body via the air. The indoor air is therefore blamed for a number of diseases.

Lack of ventilation and the use of air conditioning and ventilation systems in low-energy homes and office buildings can increase the levels of toxins to levels that are harmful to health. Especially allergic and asthmatic people have a hard time in closed rooms to create a clean and irritable indoor climate in order to be able to stay there carefree and undisturbed. Symptoms and diseases, such as mucosal irritations, skin irritations, headaches, respiratory irritation, tiredness, nausea, atopic dermatitis, bronchitis, kidney damage, liver damage, nerve damage and cancer are the result of a constant overload of the human body by these environmental toxins.


The fact that plants purify the air is part of the general knowledge. But HOW and WHY does a plant provide this performance? The US space agency NASA has already figured it out in 1989. For years, she was researching ways to purify indoor air into space stations. NASA identified 30 plants that were particularly effective at cleaning, even if the leaves of these plants were completely removed. Tests showed: The air purification is done over 90 percent through the roots of the plant!

AIR-GROW Technology


AIRGROW is a unique, patented air purification system that harnesses the power of indoor plants. It works using the concept of bio filtration, phytoremediation and hydroponics AIRGROW’s technology elevates the air purification efficiency of plants to a whole new level and creates fresh pure indoor air.

air grow intelligent green wall

AIR-GROW connects to Wi-Fi

AIRGROW is a smart air purifier, it connects to Wi-Fi and it can be managed with a proprietary app that works with smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the AIRGROW app, consumers will have a real-time experience, and you can manage your AIRGROW remotely, wherever you are.

You have real-time pollution analysis

Thanks to our latest generation sensor, AIRGROW tracks VOC’s in your air, the most common pollutants in closed spaces, and gives you feedback to help you breathe better and stay healthy.

Temperature and humidity on your app

Along with air quality, temperatures and humidity are very important factors to ensure a good environmental comfort. With AIRGROW you can monitor these parameters easily with the app.

AIRGROW combines technology and design We’ve worked hard on the design for more than a year. The design is important, not only for the aesthetics of the product but also to improve the air purifying performance.