How long do living green walls last?

The living green walls which are also referred to as vertical gardens or living walls are turning out to be a living piece of art which can be attached to the interior as well as exterior surfaces of the wall.

They are not the same as climbers or creepers or also called the green facades. These living green walls are basically panels of various plants which are said to be grown in a vertical fashion with the help of hydroponics on the structures which can be either attached to the wall or they can be separate as free-standing.

These living green walls are basically comprising of various plants which would be inserted into these growing medium after which they would be placed on the walls of the apartment or the buildings so as to provide for greenery.

How long do these living walls last?

This is considered to be a new technology but the lifespan of these living green walls is something that would not be easier to declare with surety.

The hardware, the growth media as well as the panels of the structure can surely last up to a period of 15 to 25 years when there are proper maintenance and care taken.

But when it comes to how long each of the plants would last is something quite a tricky question to answer since it would depend on what types of plants are being placed in the structure and whether they are in the conditions suitable per their needs.

As per one of the expert, it would be quite hard to properly mention on how long the plants would live since they would surely continue to live until its roots tend to run out of space and they would not be able to live any more longer.

It would be difficult to provide an exact date but it is sure that the plants can grow sustainably in their respective panels for a period of minimum five to ten years even much before they are completely replaced with another one.

Suppose you have the green wall that is in a tray system wherein the plants can be taken in as well as out then they are said to last for a period of one year after which they would need to get replaced.

Most people in go for the exterior plants and the reason for this selection is that the walls can cope up with the weather in just one particular location. Each part of the area is known to have a micro-climate. Hence unless one would install this living green wall it would be quite difficult to say what would be the exact condition of that area.

Hence for this one reason, there is a need to go in for the timely maintenance and the need for a warranty so that one can properly manage the adjustments that are very much required in this particular micro-climate.

During the winter season, it is seen that the plants similar to any other would start to go dormant but the aesthetics of the overall wall region in all of the seasons is something that is required to be considered while at the design of the structure itself.

There is one major aspect that the company would be discussing with their respective clients during the design stage itself and that would be whether the client wants the green look throughout the year.

The reason for the same is because there are certain plants which are known to be evergreens and they would change their color but the leaves would remain green throughout the winter season. But there are limited species of such evergreens.

Weather is known to have a major impact apart from maintenance on the longevity of these living green walls.

These living green walls are considered to be the future since they bring along with them lots of health benefits as well as happiness. They are being looked upon as a revolution wherein it is changing the course of the wall from the concrete to the beginning of nature taking upon these urban regions.

Maintenance –

The living green walls are surely not that easy when it comes to its overall maintenance but the good news is that the client would not be left alone for maintaining them since the company who looked into the designing of these structures would be taking care of the initial maintenance.

So as to ensure success for these living green walls, the maintenance part is very much critical. There are a lot of companies who look into these installations of living green walls and they stress upon going in for a one-year warranty.

These companies ensure that the structure has been installed properly and the maintenance at least for that one year is carried out on time and in a proper manner.

After this initial year, it would be up to the client whether they would want to continue with the company when it comes to maintenance or they would be getting it done by themselves.

The initial few months are considered to be quite a crucial period for these living green walls since it is very much necessary for getting the irrigation as well as the timing has done all right.

Most of these living green walls are basically designed having a drip-irrigation system that would help in maximizing the use of water and it is also set up with the help of an automated system wherein the irrigation is timed properly so as to avoid any wastage of water as well.

The recirculation facility is considered to be one of the most efficient methods since they are known to reuse the water on a repeated basis by pumping of the water from the bottom to the top portion until there is no water left at all.

This tank is then refilled again. Apart from this, there is another option available called as direct irrigation mostly for those spaces which are known to not have any room for tanks.

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