People have practiced landscaping for centuries. As far back as ancient Mayans, humans were manipulating the land for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The plants addition, existing terrain changes and the structural construction are all part of landscaping. Presently, landscaping has reference to the planning, laying out and construction of gardens that broaden appearance wise and form useable space for outdoor activities around a home.

Landscaping Defined

Contemporary landscaping is a process making changes to a land, area wise, in one or all of the following three categories:

  • Plants: This includes addition of ornamental, edible, native or other types of plants of the landscaping types.
  • Terrain: Land shape change through grading, backfilling, mounding, terracing, etc.
  • Structures: Other built features include constructing fences, patio covers, walls decks or raised planters.

Landscaping Options & Ideas

In the context, the options abound. Some people perfectly want a balanced combination of patios and plants. Some people expect to have a sustainable landscape design to accumulate water towards formation of a natural habitat. While others wish to recreate a particular garden style that seem appealing to them like modern or tropical. Still, other people are in need of a space outright with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and swimming pool where friends and family can be entertained. Whatever you are desirous of, make sure you are in communication of this to the professional clearly with whom you are working.

To gather ideas, the internet is a good place for your landscaping project. You can begin by browsing relevant pictures and note down what you like and don’t like. Next, you must go through the examples of local projects to ascertain what is workable in your area. Finally, do some research and grasp all the particular features you would like to incorporate in your landscape.

The Landscaping Process

The task of landscaping combines science and art. Prepared with horticultural knowledge, and familiar with the landscape design elements and principles, a landscape professional is skilled enough to transform your property. The landscape architect, designer or contractor chosen by you for working with, is bound to guide you in the course of the landscaping process, consisting of a construction phase and design.

DIYers commit the biggest mistake of not planning before rushing into the construction phase. Landscape plans transform ideas into visuals and make sure that there is a clear thinking of scale and layout through prior to the construction. Your landscape professional is bound to form a plan for your yard suitable to your needs and will be able to proffer solutions to common problems of landscaping, like slopes, wind, sun or space deficiency.

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