• Aesthetics

    A genuine artist Isn’t one who makes a Faithful attempt to place onto canvas what’s in the front of him, but one who attempts to produce something which will be, in itself, a living thing, Sir William Dobell. In VERTICAL LIVE GARDENS, we take an Artistic strategy as aesthetics is is just one of their most important objectives. With every job, we plan to produce a stunningly beautiful, unique and authentic work of art constructed to best complement its surroundings.

  • Constructing Protection

    Green walls or living partitions protect Buildings. They do so by minimizing temperature changes in the environment. A constant flux in temperature leads to the contraction and expansion of building materials. This results in fractures, cracks and general deterioration.

    The special method in which our green partitions Are framed enriches construction protection. The waterproof living wall panels outside envelope are split by a coating of air, permitting the building to ‘breath’. The machine Is Quite Much like rain-screening technology; maintaining rainwater Off the building while still allowing humidity to leak.

  • Energy-savings

    Needless everything warms up if exposed to solar power. A construction is the same. During the summer it leads to an increased demand on heating systems and the energy they might need. Studies have demonstrated that the surface of outside green walls is left up to 10°C cooler compared to an exposed wall, therefore considerably less heat will be radiated inward. Not only does green walls reduce cooling conditions nevertheless they additionally help to enhance the urban heat island influence.

    During chilly the VERTICAL LIVE GARDENS Living wall technique functions as extra insulating material. That was an added layer of atmosphere between it and the walls which reduces the quantity of heat escaping and cool air coming from.

  • Wellness and Health

    Surviving in urban environments, we are Surrounded by tangible, targeted visitors, pollution and noise. This isn’t healthy. It’s a profound impact on our bodily and emotional health. Greenery softens this tough environment, behaving as a tonic to ease tension and exhaustion. Green walls provide a substantial and spiritual link with nature which is missing from the modern-day cement jungle.

  • Property Worth

    Green walls really are in the Outer edge of Design styles. They have now been highlighted in (or around) upper-end hotels and restaurants, designer stores merchants, posh resorts, exclusive nightclubs, basically, every place searching for distinction; something which may make them stick out from their competitors. A green wall does precisely that.

    Living walls can also be Terrific Advertising and Marketing Instruments Which may be used to advertise a corporation’s green image. As an example, car or truck dealerships have installed green partitions directly before the discharge of electric or hybrid vehicles. This speaks straight to the green customer.

  • Acoustics

    Have you ever been in a Sizable room full of People talking and you truly feel as though you have to yell to the person alongside you personally can hear? Did you are feeling overwhelmed with the sum of sounds and abandon the room having a ringing in the own ears? This really is due to the reigning generated by all of the individuals’ voices or music bouncing off the walls, ceilings, floors and other hard things within the area.

    Studies have shown that the leaves of Plants attenuate sound by reflecting, refracting and absorbing acoustic vitality in modest quantities. The amount of sound loss is proportional to the number of vegetation that is found in a room. Green partitions feature such a big amount of plants that the acoustics of a room can be significantly enhanced.

  • Sustainability

    In VERTICAL LIVE GARDENS, we’re committed to enhancing the environment and assisting to really make the most cities we live in much more sustainable. Our green walls aid buildings eventually become more energy efficient that produces a decrease in carbon emissions. Additionally, they mitigate the urban heat island effect, filter and absorb stormwater, reduce contamination and act as carbon dioxide.

Green walls breathe new life into your house or office while reducing maintenance costs and labour. Green walls can be incorporated into any aspect of the structure, whether interior or exterior, and are incredibly self-sustaining. For any query related to Green Walls in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula, please contact us