Benefits of Green Walls

1. Aesthetics

A genuine artist Isn’t one who makes a Faithful attempt to place onto canvas what’s in the front of him, but one who attempts to produce something which will be, in itself, a living thing, Sir William Dobell. In VERTICAL LIVE GARDENS, we take an Artistic strategy as aesthetics is just one of their most important objectives. With every job, we plan to produce a stunningly beautiful, unique and authentic work of art constructed to best complement its surroundings.

When visiting botanical gardens, then taking a Stroll at a playground or hiking through a wood it isn’t hard to realize that nature has come up with a massive number of colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and patterns. By utilizing this diversity and incorporating tens of thousands of varieties of plants it’s potential to develop living artwork. We love to observe plants because of our paints and walls because of our canvases!

Designing a green wall which is varied, Eye-catching, intriguing and just a fun to check it is just an intricate job. It requires strategic preparation, comprehensive knowledge of innumerable plants species, even a strong eye for layout and a good deal of ingenuity. The team in VERTICAL LIVE GARDENS have the abilities and functions together with its clients to produce living masterpieces that are magnificent. Our green walls have been appreciated by anyone who stops and takes a time to be mesmerized by the diversity and beauty which nature offers.