10 Reasons to Build Green Walls for Your Home

Building green walls may seem like a daunting task. But it’s one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient ways to improve the beauty of your home while saving money and the environment. So, if you’re wondering whether building a green wall is worth it, here are 10 reasons why it should be.

What Is A Green Wall?

It’s a lot more than just a green wall. Green walls are all about a living, breathing ecosystem that adds beauty, function, and health benefits to your home. It’s a combination of plants, soil, and water that’s integrated into the structure of the wall itself. But it’s not just about plants, soil, and water. It’s also about making your home more sustainable and energy-efficient.

A green wall is an extension of your home’s outdoor landscaping. It’s a way to incorporate plants and other living things into your home’s interior space. It can also be a cost-effective way to create privacy, reduce energy consumption, and save money.

10 Benefits of a Green Wall

1. Reduce Energy Costs: Inexpensive, effective, and versatile

Building a green wall can reduce your energy bills. It is one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of your home. The first thing to consider is that a green wall can improve your home’s insulation. It can also block heat and humidity, which can keep your home cooler and more comfortable. A green wall is a perfect barrier to keep out the elements. And, since it’s made of plants, it will naturally absorb humidity, which can also help to reduce mold and mildew growth.

2. Green Walls Help Cool Your Home

Living Green walls can also help your home feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. On the contrary, painted white walls can make your home feel hotter and stickier. On the other hand, the green walls can help keep your home cool and comfortable by absorbing heat. And, if you live in a hot, humid climate, you can even use green walls to cool your home.

3. Green Walls Create a Unique Look

The green walls can help to create a unique look that’s not found in other types of walls. For example, you can create a vertical garden in your home by growing herbs and vegetables on the wall. Or you can also add a green wall to a home’s entryway or patio, which can make your home look more welcoming and inviting.

4. Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

A green wall can help to make your home more eco-friendly. It can help you feel more connected to nature, which can be a great way to boost your mood and reduce stress. It can also help to increase your sense of well-being. For example, you can use a green wall to create a rain garden. You can use plants and shrubs to create a natural, organic look. It’s also a great way to bring the outdoors inside. So, if you’re looking for a way to relax, this can be a great option.

5. Green Walls Improve Air Quality

Green walls also improve air quality. They can help reduce allergens, pollutants, and dust, which can be a big problem in the summer. A green wall can absorb pollutants and dust and help purify the air.

6. Help Prevent Groundwater Contamination

The green walls can also help to prevent groundwater contamination. This is a great way to prevent rainwater from entering your home. It can help to reduce the amount of moisture in your home. This can help to prevent flooding and mold.

7. Green Walls Reduce Water and Soil Pollution

A green wall can help reduce water and soil pollution as it can help absorb excess water and pollutants. This can be a great way to prevent flooding and mold. It can help filter out harmful pollutants, and it can also help purify the water. That is why it’s a great way to reduce runoff and soil erosion. And, if you live in an area with high levels of pollution, it can also help filter the air.

8.  Green Walls Improve Home Security

A green wall can also help to improve home security. It helps to block out the elements, which can help to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that can come in through your windows.

9. Improve Habitat for Wildlife

A green wall can also help improve habitat for wildlife because a green wall can help create a natural, organic look. This can be a great way to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. It can help to create a haven for them, and this can be a great way to reduce stress and help calm your home.

10. Improve the View from Your Porch and Patio

A green wall can also help to improve the view from your porch and patio. It helps to create a focal point in your home. It can help reduce the amount of noise, which can be a great way to calm your home. It can also help to reduce the amount of glare from your windows. This can be a great way to help create a beautiful and calming view. It also makes your porch and patio feel more private and help to make your home look more inviting.


Green walls can help to improve your home in many ways. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your home, you should consider adding a green wall. After that, you can get the peace and tranquility you need and help create a more beautiful and inviting home.

14 quick and easy landscaping design ideas for your home

It is spring and that means it’s time to spruce up your home with some new landscaping. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or something more extensive. There are plenty of landscaping ideas that are all simple enough to complete by yourself and are perfect for small yards or apartments that don’t allow for much gardening space. And they won’t cost you more. You’ll be happy with the results. Check out these quick and easy landscaping designs for your home!

Some Great Landscaping Designs Ideas For Your Home:

Landscaping Designs1. Add a water feature to your lawn

Water is an instant attraction. It’s so peaceful and relaxing, especially when it comes from a water feature in your lawn. You can find small fountains or ponds that fit anywhere and they won’t require a lot of maintenance. Add some colorful stones to the ground around the fountain to make it pop even more!

2. Plant Some Herbs

Herbs are a must-have for any kitchen. Even if you don’t have enough space to plant an entire garden, try planting some herbs for cooking! You’ll never again have to worry about forgetting to buy rosemary or thyme. You can even grow fresh basil indoors on your kitchen windowsill to add some color to your kitchen.

3. Plant some hanging plants indoors

Hanging plants are lovely and can be hung up just about anywhere inside or outside your home. They’re perfect for the space under your kitchen cabinets , above the island in your kitchen, in your balcony or terrace garden or you could use them as decoration on an empty wall! There are plenty of varieties of hanging plants from succulents to ivy, and you can make a statement with one really large plant.

4. Plant a Living Wall

This is perfect for those tight spaces and can be decorated with plants and pictures to fit your own personality and needs. They’re easy to maintain and allow you to grow fresh herbs or vegetables. Living walls are especially great for renters because they can be easily removed without too much hassle.

Lanscaping designs5. Create a path

If you want to add something unique and fun, try creating a stone or brick pathway through your yard and leading up to your front door. This can be done very easily and will give your home a nice touch! It’s also great for the summer when you’re hosting parties outside. You could even plant flowers along the sides of your path to give it that extra special touch.

6. Add some color to your yard with flowers and plants

There are plenty of plants and flowers you can choose from to add color and life to your yard. Try planting some bright red or pink flowers for a pop of color, or even try adding some green vines on the side of your house for an instant jungle-like feel. Both indoor and outdoor plants will make your home look warm and welcoming.

7. Add a bench under a shade tree for seating 

Tree canopies are a wonderful place to relax at the end of a long day, and benches allow you to sit for hours without getting tired. They’re also great places to read a book! This is especially nice if you have an older tree that doesn’t offer much shade anymore. Adding a bench underneath will help keep your guests shaded from the sun and comfortable.

8. Create an outdoor living area with furniture and plants 

There are plenty of outdoor furniture options out there that are perfect for this. Add a couple lounge chairs, an outdoor couch, or even just a pair of comfortable patio chairs if you want to be able to sit outside but aren’t looking to spend too much time outside. You could also plant some flowers near your seating area and decorate with some potted plants, which will instantly bring a pop of color and life to your outdoor living area.

9. Add some colored mulch

Mulch is typically sold at garden stores, home improvement stores or even your local nursery or supermarket. It’s important to choose the right type for your yard so you don’t damage anything underground such as roots or pipes. It’s also important to choose the right color for your mulch because it will add a pop of color that you might not realize was even missing!

Lanscaping designs10. Plant a trees in the front of your property

Trees are perfect for any yard or house because they allow you to embrace the outdoors even if you don’t have a huge yard! They’re especially great for creating shade on your patio, which is great during those hot summer months. This will bring out your creativity and give you the opportunity to plant more flowers or plants around your trees!

11. Add some colorful flowers or plants around your front door

If you have some extra space on either side of your front door, this is the perfect place to add some potted plants or hanging plants if you don’t have a porch. If you’re feeling really creative, try planting some colorful flowers in the pots or hanging baskets to add some color right when you walk up to your front door!

12. Put up some string lights around your patio

String lights are a classic outdoor decorating tool. They can be used to decorate trees, but they’re especially great for lighting up your patio or porch! You can either put them underneath the bottom of your roof (if you have one), or behind and between some potted plants and flowers by the entrance of your porch to create a cozy atmosphere for your guests.

13. Add some solar powered lights to your yard

Solar powered lights are perfect for decorating your yard because they don’t require any wiring (which means you can place them anywhere you want)! You can use them indoors or outdoors on trees or bushes, and they come in all sorts of colors. If you plant your solar powered lights closer to the ground, they’ll emit more light and last longer.

Landscaping designs14. Add some potted flowers to your deck or porch railing for color

This is one of the great landscaping designs idea to add pops of color wherever you don’t have any plants growing already. Potted flowers are cheap and easy to find at garden stores or home improvement stores. Try hanging them by the railing of your deck for a pop of color!


We hope you found these landscaping designs ideas helpful and inspiring. It can be difficult to find ideas for your own backyard, but hopefully these articles have curated some of the best ones for you! Landscaping is a great way to make your yard more aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

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Our products are excellent solutions for hard-to-grow areas, small yards & those looking for inventive and appealing landscaping designs ideas. We offer custom Balcony garden and terrace garden designs, project management, budgeting & cost estimating services, scheduling, oversight & installation of these landscapes. We also support clients with long-term direction of their landscapes to insure their lasting beauty.

Benefits of Having Terrace Garden at home

Terrace garden is a combination of planting several types of vegetation in limited spaces such as rooftop or green wall which usually has paved surface for ease of watering plants. Furthermore, different varieties of plants can be planted at limited space. A terrace garden is a combination of different plants that are healthy and capable to grow in limited spaces. It’s suitable for those who do not have enough space to plant vegetables on the ground. Furthermore, it does not need much soil as the vegetation will be growing with very little soil at all. One of the benefits of  a terrace garden at home is that you don’t have to bend over as much because your plants are at a higher level. This can be helpful for anyone who has back problems or wants less strain on their body when they tend to their garden. It also means that if you want something out of reach, it’s not going to be an issue!

Some people argue that the idea of planting vegetables on limited spaces is wasteful because they can’t generate more yield than what they planted. However, it doesn’t assume that you do not plant anything at all especially if you use this method, rather than using traditional method which consumes large amount of land and water source. In addition, there may be possibilities that some plants can’t grow well due to various environmental factors. Therefore, home terrace garden is a solution to such problems.

Some of the benefits of having terrace garden at home instead of traditional gardening are:


  1. Terrace Garden IdeasEasy maintenance

Maintenance can be done by oneself, depending on its design and size. Each plant’s requirements such as watering and pruning. No need to hire professional gardener anymore. It is cheaper since one does not have to pay someone else to do it; thus, saving money.

  1. Can produce food

By planting vegetable seeds and strawberry plants, one can harvest vegetables and fruits periodically at home? Thus, helping the environment by reducing hazardous chemical residue. This chemical usually comes from overusing commercial fertilizers or pesticides in traditional farming; therefore, this minimizes health risks.

  1. Economical

It is economical because one does not have to buy plant or seeds from the market anymore. The more one saves money, the more he/she can invest in something else. Furthermore, it reduces expenses for hiring a gardener since no need to hire someone else to do the job that you can easily do yourself.

  1. Balcony Garden and Terrace Garden DesignAesthetics

Aside from being able to produce your own vegetables and fruits, having a terrace garden makes your home green and adds aesthetic value on its surroundings especially if one has colorful flowers planted in it; thus making it look beautiful than usual which also includes fewer maintenance cost due to less repair and replacement in case of damage or destruction compared to traditional gardening.

  1. Saves time

Terrace gardening saves time since no need to go out to buy plants from the market, nor spend time searching for plants which you longed for such as rare plants and flowers; thus allowing you to focus on other things such as work or studies rather than planting and watering activities. It is beneficial since it allows one to save more time that he/she can use in buying groceries, commuting, doing household chores and even spending quality time with family and friends.

  1. Waste reduction

Due to less space occupied by traditional gardening which takes up almost half of the land area in houses compared using terrace garden. The land area used by traditional gardening is now freed for other uses such as parking spaces or even growing crops. Also using terrace garden ideas you can reduce wastage of water since plant requirements are limited to certain areas. Instead of spreading them throughout the whole soil surface in traditional gardening which wastes time during watering activities due to distance, time and effort required.

  1. BalconyGarden and Terrace Garden DesignBetter air quality

Growing air purifying plants or trees  that helps to purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen which is good for everyone. People who suffer from lung disease needs fresh air. Where there are many vehicles running alongside busy roads that emit harmful gases to the environment. Hence, home terrace garden helps to reduce exhaust emission from vehicles and at the same time makes our surrounding greener and healthier.

  1. Resale value

One of the factors in considering a place to live in is its resale value which makes it more expensive compared to other areas. Since everyone wants to live in a house with green environment and how accessible it is whether by land, air or sea making it convenient for one’s lifestyle. Thus, terrace garden at home adds up to what you paid when you bought the house from the market. Even before you purchase it because people who are looking for a certain type of house would consider what lies within that area such as planting and gardening or landscaping activities done. Also, this is one of the reasons why some houses have their own gardens installed due to increasing the resale value of the house.

  1. Fire hazards reduction

Traditional gardens and planted trees & plants can easily catch fire during hot seasons. Especially when they are not maintained well enough due to lack of water or adding fertilizers and pesticides. Whereas, home terrace garden is safer compared to the latter as all the requirements needed for plants such as water is limited. It can be controlled unlike in traditional gardening. It is either too wet or dry that causes easy combustion of plants especially those with leaves. They hold a lot of water that evaporates quickly turning it into steam. This causes an explosion within the plant materials making them easily combustible.

  1. Aesthetic

Terrace garden designs attracts people’s attention since it looks green and fresh. It adds up to the surrounding decorum giving it a wonderful view of freshness and color. Also, they attract bees which help in pollination of plants resulting to more seeds germinating.

Refreshing Terrace Garden Design Ideas For Modern Homes

We frequently feel overrun by the hubbub in big cities and even smaller ones. All we wish to do when we get up is relax at home, particularly with the pandemic and advent of remote job.

What could be greater, in such case, than a terrace garden?

A terrace garden comes to your aid when you want to casually drink your coffee or strike up a chat. A spacious terrace garden design appears to be unmatched. But trust us when we say that the tranquil comfort of a small terrace garden has its own allure. A terrace garden design will therefore endure all of your problems, including space constraints and upkeep issues, and boost your mood.

Do you want to optimize the use of your patio, or terrace garden? Consider using these beautiful yet efficient terrace garden design ideas for your home.

1. Design for a Rustic Terrace Garden

Do you wish for the house in the woods? By creating a traditional, rustic terrace garden on your patio or rooftop, you can incorporate a part of that realism into your own house. Another option is to fling all of your concerns away in a deck chair that is positioned next to luscious planters. If you’re seeking for small rooftop garden ideas, this terrace garden design definitely works.

2. Tropical Terrace Garden Design

Do you want to have a feel of Tropics straight on your rooftop? Select this succinct, peaceful concept for your terrace garden. This terrace garden design is genuinely one-of-a-kind and attractive, furnished with the finest planters, fence posts, comfortable chairs, and the comfort of finely engraved ceramic tile.

3. Contemporary Terrace Garden Designs

Maintain interior styles and gives your terrace garden a modern spin. To accentuate the laid-back atmosphere of your small or big terrace garden, consider comfortable furnishings. To enhance the opulent appearance of this concept, combine end tables, lamps, and other items with your garden.

4. Design of a Simple Terrace Garden

To construct that sleek and simple terrace garden, you’ll need a cozy seating area, warm timber beauty, and planted scenery. There, you can unwind without worrying because it needs little care and is constantly pleasing to the eye.

5. Small Terrace Garden Design

Facing a space crunch? Nothing to worry about. By strategically arranging patio chairs and pots around a corner, you may still build a wonderful terrace garden. Utilize movable, lightweight furnishings to easily create additional room as needed. Use this trick to avoid feeling confined, even in a small terrace garden.

Roof Terrace Garden Ideas for your home.

A garden is a great way to have an outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. Some people are intimidated by the prospect of gardening because they don’t know how to start, but with these terrace garden ideas, you can transform your yard into a beautiful, relaxing place.

If you’re looking for Balcony Garden or Terrace Garden ideas and how they work, read on!

  1. Terrace Garden IdeasAnalyze Your Space

One of the best ways to get started with Balcony Garden or Terrace Garden ideas is by analyzing your space. Look at what you have and how it can be used in new and creative ways. This will help you avoid wasting materials that you would otherwise consider unusable. You can even use some supplies that are just taking up space. For example, you can use an old dresser as a garden planter box to make the most out of your yard & storage space!

  1. Add a small fountain to your garden.

Fountains are a great way to add a rustic touch that can be enjoyed by all. The trick with these Balcony Garden or Terrace Garden design ideas is to not go overboard. Just because you have the space doesn’t mean that you need to fill every inch of it with something. Instead of trying to be too fancy, just stick with a simple fountain and see what you can do with the space around it. You might be surprised at how beautiful it can be!

  1. Get creative with your planting design by adding different shapes, colors, and textures to make it look more interesting.

This is another thing which you want to do with your Balcony Garden design or Terrace Garden design. You can add a lot of different shapes and textures to make your garden look more interesting. For example, you can use different types of plants with different shapes and textures to highlight different areas. This is very easy to do with succulents.

  1. Balcony Garden and Terrace Garden DesignsAdd a small wooden bench to give your garden an old-fashioned feel.

Putting Wooden Benches can be a great idea for Balcony Garden or Terrace Garden to add an old-fashioned flair to your patio. You can place them in your flower bed or alongside the fountain to give your garden a more mature look and even use them in areas where you want to relax or read. You might be surprised at how much of a difference it makes.

  1. Create a vertical garden using old wine bottles or any other materials you have lying around.

Vertical garden designs are a great way to have an area for flowers without taking up too much space. You can create the Balcony Garden or Terrace Garden designs very easily and cheaply. You don’t need to do much, just add a few wine bottles and fill them with dirt and plant some flowers in the top. Including a vertical garden design & ideas in your terrace garden plan are great for people who live in an apartment or condo and don’t have a lot of yard space.

  1. Hang some string lights around your garden to create a romantic setting.

String lights are the perfect way to add an elegant touch to your rooftop terrace garden. They’re inexpensive and easy to install. They come in a variety of different colors which you can use to coordinate with the flowers or theme that you have in your garden.

  1. Include an herb garden for cooking purposes.

Putting Herbs can be a perfect idea for Balcony Garden or Terrace Garden because they take up very little space. If you have an outdoor kitchen, this is a great addition to it. You can also use them for cooking, which makes them a very functional garden design idea.

Best Terrace Garden Plants

1. Marigolds

They have yellow & orange blossoms. Such plants are widely available throughout India, so that you could get them from any seller and have them planted in your home terrace garden. All the little pom poms, which resemble flowers, could also be presented as a devotion to the gods and goddesses of India. They are exceptionally low maintenance, have a vibrant appearance, and are entirely pest-resistant. Marigolds are the ultimate selection for a terrace garden, specifically in hotter climates.

Light- They require less sunshine to flourish.

Water – They require a sufficient amount of water.

Temperature – They require sunny or partly sunny areas, as well as well-drained, fertile, and moist soil.

2. Pansy

They have such a delicate aroma and are a special type of plant. These are among the most popular plants for terraces. They are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. So, if you’re tired of the marigold’s yellows & oranges, this is a yet another flower you should consider for your yard. Little containers that fits into the rooftop fence can be used to cultivate them.

Light — During their initiation stage, they just require a small amount of sunshine.

Water – You should water them every day.

Temperature – For optimum growth and development, they require direct sunshine.

3. Mogra

Mogra, sometimes known as Arabian Jasmine, is a perennial shrub with curved borders. This plant, with its virtually stalkless leaflets, can be grown as a small creeper in your terrace garden. It blooms in clusters of three to twelve highly perfumed white flowers.

 Light — Place these plants  in an area where there isn’t too much sunshine, & they ‘ll grow.

Water – They don’t require a lot of water on a daily basis.

Temperature – They flourish in the hot, humid climate of India.

4. Syngonium

The Indian weather is ideal for this quasi shrub. This climber, sometimes referred as the arrowhead vine, can also be utilised as a countertop plant. These terrace garden plants are light green and are small and lovely to offer a subtle shade of greenery to a terrace garden.

Light – shady areas are ideal.

Water – Only a small amount of water is required. So don’t worry if you forget to water your plants every now and then.

Temperature – Can tolerate a wide range of temperatures.

5. Money plants

Money plants are thought to bring money and good fortune to your family. If you require both, get them for your home. Because they are crawlers, they can grow almost anyplace, even if there is so little area. If you’ve a modest terrace, you must acquire a money plant for your terrace garden since it will mount and spread all over the walls, although you have a small space.

architects in Ludhiana

Light- Direct sunlight is preferable for them.

Water – they have a very low amount of water required.

Temperature – Climates that are warm to hot.


Terrace garden helps people live healthy lives due to clean air that is free from pollution caused by cars and other vehicles. It also encourages planting trees around buildings especially those huge ones used as offices or homes. Having home terrace gardens are beneficial since it reduces wastage of water which will later cause shortage during dry seasons.

Corporate Gifting Ideas in the form of Air Purifying Plants

Because the city is always fighting to deal with the current high levels of pollution. The negative impacts of air pollution have already crept into our daily life. Immediate efforts must be implemented to address the problems. Bringing air purifying plants into your rooms is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to filter the dangerous air quality around you.

Air purifying plants are an excellent alternative for brightening up a home environment or calming tense sentiments in a professional setting. Air purifying plants are the greatest alternative for practically all occasions, according to our corporate gifting ideas.

Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

  • Air-purifying plants clean the air around them. Which, when paired with their foliage, reduces stress levels and creates a pleasant environment.
  • Pollutant levels, poor air quality, excessive noise, and insufficient light management can all be helped by air-purifying plants.
  • Background noise is absorbed, diffracted, and reflected by air-purifying plants, making the environment in homes more comfortable for residents.
  • Air-purifying plants in offices, according to research, boost staff productivity and efficiency.
  • When a group is kept together in a space, the humidity levels are regulated, and the risk of respiratory sickness is reduced. Additionally, having air-purifying plants in one’s home or office can help to prevent the onset of colds, sore throats, dry skin, and cough.
  • Our corporate gifting ideas recommend the presence of air-purifying plants in every home and workplace space because of the aforementioned and many more benefits of air-purifying plants. We also provide a wonderful present option that is both healthy and attractive.

Corporate Gifting of Green Plants

As customer knowledge of environmental issues grows, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to take proactive actions to achieve their “green goals,” which will not only help them gain a competitive advantage but also keep them in good standing with the government. We make every effort to assist businesses in achieving this green endeavor in a timely, simple, and cost-effective manner.

Green plants help to maintain the office environment healthier and cleaner, which has been shown to promote and enhance staff productivity. Green plants have become a necessary component of any business. Exchanging gifts aids in the development of not only a large professional network but also long-term relationships with associates. Many customers have shown that they are willing to pay more for products produced by companies that adhere to environmental rules.

Green gifting is one of the simplest and most efficient methods for a company of any size or budget to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and develop a positive reputation.

Diwali ushers in a festive season that ushers in a season of magnificent celebrations! This festive season instills optimism and enjoyment in everyone, but it also contributes to the ever-increasing pollution levels. This busy and chaotic holiday season can serve as an excellent reminder to be environmentally mindful and eco-friendly. Instead of breaking crackers and contributing to air pollution. Do you give a plant that purifies the air this year?

Giving greens to your co-workers not only emphasizes the significance of sustainability. But it also allows them to enjoy a gift that they will cherish for years.

We are firm believers in bringing people together through this one-of-a-kind green gift that grows over time. You may make the celebration even more memorable. Capture people’s hearts by giving them a memorable gift or a lovely plant. So go greenish this Diwali and make it a green one.


The best corporate gifting ideas send a message of appreciation as well as respect, and selecting the correct corporate gift to send the proper message is a well-thought-out process. Giving plants as corporate presents is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for others.

Corporate groups have recently pushed for the implementation of the Green Corporate Gifting innovation concept. Living plants as corporate presents are a one-of-a-kind gift option for both employees and clients. Desk Indoor plants enhance employee productivity by providing a healthier environment.

Tips for Living Green Walls for Small Spaces

The living green walls are turning out to be a modern trend seen in most of the households as well as the offices. They come along with a lot of benefit such as health benefits, reducing the level of noise, and so on. Though everyone may have dreamt of having such a green wall but in few cases people may be wondering how can these work out in cases of small spaces such as the urban areas. Let us have a look at few of the tips for creating living green walls for small spaces as well.

It is important to note certain things before starting on with these living green walls and those are, there should be an area at the site which should be sunny, try to not build these walls too high else it would become difficult to maintain them properly or avoid making any such structures taller else you would not be able to reach them, the support system upon which you build them should be strong and sturdy enough that it would be able to handle weight of everything on its own, also the supporting wall against which you would be placing the structure should be able to withstand constant and a lot of moisture. With all of this being said, the living green walls are one of the most flexible form of gardening or landscaping system

  • Pocket or Pallet structure: These structures are considered to be one of the ideal ways of growing various kinds of plants, flowers or herbs. These fit in perfectly in small spaces and one advantage you can take is that it can be easily placed at a sunny area such as the area that is facing the fence or the brightest region of the patio or the terrace thereby making use of use and loading it with plants. The pallet structure is known to be the ideal one for small spaces and the reason is because they can be easily segregated into multiple compartments when it comes to planting various species of plants, also they are sturdy and strong enough to act as a protection to the plants just in case of windy air. These structures are cheap to be purchased.
  • Garden Tower: The self-reliant garden tower is seen to be one of the highest performing gardening system that is available in the market. It comes along with some amazing features such as, it just fits in four square feet and can grow up to 40 to 50 plants. This tower rotates easily for accessing enough of sunlight to all the plants, it helps in recycling nutrients, saves a lot of water as well as vermicomposts. This structure is very much easy to use and access and something that even the senior citizens can use. This is considered to be one of the ideal solutions for those having space restricting to only their balcony, terraces of the patio.
  • Gutter System: This is considered to be one of the best tip for small spaces since it would mean reusing the old gutter sections for gardening. It is very much similar to the window box. These gutters are known to get the shorter end of the stick when it is concerned with gardening and the reason for the same is because people normally tend to go for it is when they are looking to replace their rooftop gutters. The gutters can be used for growing a lot of varied kind of plants. All you would need to do is just drill few holes into the bottom of each of the section so as to allow for adequate amount of drainage, then add enough of compost rich soil after which you can tuck in your desired plants. However, one thing you would need to ensure is that the plants you choose should not be taking too much of space.
  • Ladder planter: You can take your creativity to another level if you have a free ladder at home that is no longer used for any purpose. With the help of this ladder you can build up your own ladder planter wherein it would help you in sorting all sorts of plants mostly the smaller ones since they take in less of space. This is an interesting idea for standing up against the fence. These ladder planters have loads of room for the planting and they are considered to be the ideal one for planting herbs, succulents and flowers. You can also look to have a small vegetable garden. With the help of these ladders you can also create something known as the step vertical garden since it is something very much easy to build up and also would provide for a lot of planting space. For this you would need to have rectangular long pots placed on the ladder or in place of the steps.
  • Bottle Garden: The bottle gardening can be done in any form; these bottles can be hung for planting various plants or they can be attached with a string to the wall. There are a lot of old bottles which can be easily recycled however you would need to ensure to drill a hole. But in certain cases some plants may not reach their full size due to the small space of the container. Herbs can be very well stored in these containers.
  • Shoe Divider organizer: Another easier way of making a living green wall or a vertical garden at your small space is to make use of the shoe organizer. You can anytime look to hang in those sacks on to a nail and then fill them up with soil. Make a small hole in these pockets.

Irrespective of the structure that you would use for creating living green walls for small spaces, other things that also matter is the type of plant you are looking to place in those structures, the arrangement for water and the sunlight. Keeping all of this in mind you can surely make a successful living green walls for small spaces as well.

What types of plants are used in living green walls?

The living green walls are being considered as one of the best ways to make that space stand out from the rest. Whether this living green walls is in placed in a home or whether it is a business organization, it brings about a visual appearance that seems to be too welcoming and inviting. It not only provides that aesthetic look to it but it has a lot of potential health benefits for the members. Even though the green walls are something that can be custom made based on the preferences of the client but there are certain plants used in living green walls that are well suited to be used on these walls instead of going in for any plants.

Once we understand the benefits and principles of living green walls, it is also equally important to carefully select the types of plants used in living green walls. Since there are varied systems which are used for creating these living walls hence these systems and structures in a way can also help in determining what kind of species of plants would work well on the wall. Also there are other conditions that should be taken a note of such as, what are the preferences of the owner, growth structure of each plant varies such as some of them grow upwards and some not, the lighting conditions and so on.

Below are few of the types of plants used in living green walls that can be used in the structure:

  • Lipstick plant: This is also referred to as Aeschynanthus radicans and is considered to be one of the best type of houseplant mostly as part of the hanging basket. This plant would mostly need less amount of light and dry conditions. It is a free flowering species which has shiny green leaves with a touch of burgundy beneath. This plant has red colored rich flowers which would emerge from the black calyces along with certain waves of bloom through the entire year. Growing these lipstick plants can turn out to be an easy task since it would not need much of the deep soil hence it can easily thrive in these vertical wall structure. Since it also has the need for less amount of light hence it can be grown indoors as well.
  • Rabbit’s foot fern: The scientific name for this plant is Davallia fejeensis. You can say that this plant has some fuzzy little feet which tends to stick out from the base. The roots are furry and they would establish themselves if they are given some soil or one can also break those roots and place them into moist soil for establishing some more plants. This is a bit different than the other ferns since it does not like to be kept moist all the time and it would also prefer low levels of light.
  • Wedding Vine: The scientific name is Stephanotis Floribunda and they prove to be quick grower. It gets its name from the huge usage during the wedding ceremonies. It is known to be a vining evergreen plant having large tubular flowers that are white in color and they would grow above 20 feet in height. You can place it on the top of the living wall and allow it to trail upwards. Vines are mostly low on maintenance and they can grow pretty much easily. They thrive well even in the indirect sunlight.
  • Cretan brake fern: These are also referred to as Pteris Cretica and is a type of fern. When the conditions seem right these ferns grow very well. They cannot tolerate dry soil hence there is a need that the soil in which it is placed should be close to the water source. The fronds of this plant are pale green in color. It has quite a delicate as well as graceful appearance. They have quite a unique and distinct appearance from the rest.
  • Pothos: This plant is also called as Epipremnum sp and it is considered to be one of the best type of indoor plants even for low light cases. It is a part of the vining plant and very easy in terms of maintenance. They can also be hung from their resting place and sure see them grow in the direction you place them.
  • Crotons: The crotons are also called as Codiaeum variegatum pictum. They are basically small colorful shrubs having leathery leaves which turn out to be quite colorful when in bright light. When the light is low then the leaves would be less pigmented and they would be smaller as well. This plant should be grown at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit along with high humidity. Between watering, it is important to allow the surface of the soil to dry.
  • Dracaena: These are popularly found house plants and most of them are known to be growing in the upward direction having strap like leaves. The leaves of dracaena are seen to be bicolored, yellowish, reddish, and creams. These plants have known to be growing well across a range of different temperature but they do not prefer to be kept in chilled ambience. In case if these plants are placed away from the light then the colors of the leaves would start to fade slightly but they surely can tolerate less amount of light conditions. These plants prefer to be kept a bit dry since they take up less of water.
  • Succulents: The succulents are known to be the majorly used plants when it comes to the living green walls and it is due to their adaptability as well as resistance to the changes in the temperature and the climate conditions. You can consider having plants such as, echeveria, pearls, sedum.
  • Begonias: For those people who are looking to hang their living wall in a particular place where there is ample amount of sunlight then at such places growing begonias would turn out to be a good idea.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, other plants you can grow as living green walls are:

How Do Living Green Walls Work?

The living green walls are also referred to as vertical garden, living walls, or ecowalls. It basically refers to any kind of construction or a support structure for growing the plants in the upward direction or in a vertical way. It is known to efficiently as well as productively make use of the existing space for plant production. These green walls are basically constructed in a similar manner as the actual walls. There is just skeletal structure required for building which are hung having sections of plants and flowers that would ultimately make up for the Green walls. When we talk about the functioning of these green walls then a lot of it would be dependent on what type of green wall system has been installed. There are certain green wall systems which are known to be having hidden pipes that would provide for self-watering facility so as to ensure that the plants remain healthy whereas there is certain other green wall system that would need hand-watering. Now talking about how these living green walls work, they are surely known to have an impact of your business which would come from these living plants itself. As we all are aware that plants take in carbon dioxide as well as other toxic pollutants and in return they give out fresh oxygen which is necessary for humans. These green walls also work by reducing the noise level and also provide the benefit that is related to the biophillic design. This is that concept wherein people tend to work much better when they are closer to nature inside their work area.

  • Provide a visual positive effect: These living green walls when done neatly and correctly are surely going to make a breathtaking style statement by creating an inviting ambience. They turn out to be equally impressive in terms of the overall appearance since they lead to good health and also the plants that are placed in this system would act as a natural filtering system which would surely be enjoyed by the occupants. These walls provide for a welcoming effect and also a soothing sense of being around the wealth of greenery.
  • Brings about improvement in air quality: There have been various studies carried out to show the effect of having indoor plants on individuals and its outcome that is related to the effectiveness as well as the well-being of the individuals around whether at home or work. Few of the outcomes would include, improvement in the level of stress, better performance in task, positive effect on emotional state and many other psychophysiological ones. These living green walls act as a natural air filter thereby creating a clean and invigorating environment that would in turn lead to a positive benefit for the people around. In today’s world we all are being exposed to toxic air whether it is at home or at work and all these toxins create havoc with the health leading to a number of diseases. Here these living walls turn out to be beneficial in terms of metabolizing all of these toxic and harmful pollutants and at the same time it releases fresh and clean oxygen.
  • Reduces the level of noise: This is one of the lesser known benefit of living green walls. Not many are aware that these living green walls work in a way to reduce the effect noise in the building or the house. Plants basically are used worldwide for reducing the level of noise by planting them roadside or near the highways. They tend to absorb the noise. It basically works on the concept that the natural vegetation in a way is known to act as a natural blocker of high frequency sounds whereas the supporting structure on which the plants are placed would work to help out in naturally reducing the low frequency noise. These living walls are known to be acting as an additional insulation by having a layer of air in between the plants as well as the wall. They are also known to reduce the level of noise by refracting as well as reflecting and absorbing all of the acoustic energy present in the environment.
  • Leads to reduction in the cost of energy: These living green walls are known to help bring about improvement an efficiency in the business and this is done through the reduction in the overall cost of energy. Having these external green walls are said to improve the thermal insulation of the building and it is done by adding in a certain kind of protective layer of plants. Walls which have green exteriors are said to be nearly 20 degrees cooler than the walls with other exteriors. These plants are basically loaded for absorbing heat than the standard building materials used for the walls. Due to which there is less of heat that gets transmitted within. This in turn is known to get translated into considerable amount of reduction in the need for air conditioning. The reason for the same is because having these indoor green walls would in turn provide the same kind of cooling effect. Plants would absorb the heat from outside and instead they would release heat reducing water into the air thus making it cooler. This process is referred to as evapotranspiration. This advantage you can notice during the summers whereas during the winter season there is another added advantage of these walls leading to building insulation that would in turn lead to decrease in the cost of energy for heating of the building.

Installation of these living green walls can also businesses with credit points of WELLS and LEEDs. This would in turn lead to boosting the moral of the employees, increase in productivity and reduction in absenteeism. Having living green walls also brings about an increase in the value of property wherein it would be creating a favorable perception about the current structure along with an improvement in the carbon footprint which is a must for most of the organizations.