10 Reasons to Build Green Walls for Your Home

Building green walls may seem like a daunting task. But it’s one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient ways to improve the beauty of your home while saving money and the environment. So, if you’re wondering whether building a green wall is worth it, here are 10 reasons why it should be.

What Is A Green Wall?

It’s a lot more than just a green wall. Green walls are all about a living, breathing ecosystem that adds beauty, function, and health benefits to your home. It’s a combination of plants, soil, and water that’s integrated into the structure of the wall itself. But it’s not just about plants, soil, and water. It’s also about making your home more sustainable and energy-efficient.

A green wall is an extension of your home’s outdoor landscaping. It’s a way to incorporate plants and other living things into your home’s interior space. It can also be a cost-effective way to create privacy, reduce energy consumption, and save money.

10 Benefits of a Green Wall

1. Reduce Energy Costs: Inexpensive, effective, and versatile

Building a green wall can reduce your energy bills. It is one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of your home. The first thing to consider is that a green wall can improve your home’s insulation. It can also block heat and humidity, which can keep your home cooler and more comfortable. A green wall is a perfect barrier to keep out the elements. And, since it’s made of plants, it will naturally absorb humidity, which can also help to reduce mold and mildew growth.

2. Green Walls Help Cool Your Home

Living Green walls can also help your home feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. On the contrary, painted white walls can make your home feel hotter and stickier. On the other hand, the green walls can help keep your home cool and comfortable by absorbing heat. And, if you live in a hot, humid climate, you can even use green walls to cool your home.

3. Green Walls Create a Unique Look

The green walls can help to create a unique look that’s not found in other types of walls. For example, you can create a vertical garden in your home by growing herbs and vegetables on the wall. Or you can also add a green wall to a home’s entryway or patio, which can make your home look more welcoming and inviting.

4. Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

A green wall can help to make your home more eco-friendly. It can help you feel more connected to nature, which can be a great way to boost your mood and reduce stress. It can also help to increase your sense of well-being. For example, you can use a green wall to create a rain garden. You can use plants and shrubs to create a natural, organic look. It’s also a great way to bring the outdoors inside. So, if you’re looking for a way to relax, this can be a great option.

5. Green Walls Improve Air Quality

Green walls also improve air quality. They can help reduce allergens, pollutants, and dust, which can be a big problem in the summer. A green wall can absorb pollutants and dust and help purify the air.

6. Help Prevent Groundwater Contamination

The green walls can also help to prevent groundwater contamination. This is a great way to prevent rainwater from entering your home. It can help to reduce the amount of moisture in your home. This can help to prevent flooding and mold.

7. Green Walls Reduce Water and Soil Pollution

A green wall can help reduce water and soil pollution as it can help absorb excess water and pollutants. This can be a great way to prevent flooding and mold. It can help filter out harmful pollutants, and it can also help purify the water. That is why it’s a great way to reduce runoff and soil erosion. And, if you live in an area with high levels of pollution, it can also help filter the air.

8.  Green Walls Improve Home Security

A green wall can also help to improve home security. It helps to block out the elements, which can help to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that can come in through your windows.

9. Improve Habitat for Wildlife

A green wall can also help improve habitat for wildlife because a green wall can help create a natural, organic look. This can be a great way to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. It can help to create a haven for them, and this can be a great way to reduce stress and help calm your home.

10. Improve the View from Your Porch and Patio

A green wall can also help to improve the view from your porch and patio. It helps to create a focal point in your home. It can help reduce the amount of noise, which can be a great way to calm your home. It can also help to reduce the amount of glare from your windows. This can be a great way to help create a beautiful and calming view. It also makes your porch and patio feel more private and help to make your home look more inviting.


Green walls can help to improve your home in many ways. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your home, you should consider adding a green wall. After that, you can get the peace and tranquility you need and help create a more beautiful and inviting home.

Tips for Living Green Walls for Small Spaces

The living green walls are turning out to be a modern trend seen in most of the households as well as the offices. They come along with a lot of benefit such as health benefits, reducing the level of noise, and so on. Though everyone may have dreamt of having such a green wall but in few cases people may be wondering how can these work out in cases of small spaces such as the urban areas. Let us have a look at few of the tips for creating living green walls for small spaces as well.

It is important to note certain things before starting on with these living green walls and those are, there should be an area at the site which should be sunny, try to not build these walls too high else it would become difficult to maintain them properly or avoid making any such structures taller else you would not be able to reach them, the support system upon which you build them should be strong and sturdy enough that it would be able to handle weight of everything on its own, also the supporting wall against which you would be placing the structure should be able to withstand constant and a lot of moisture. With all of this being said, the living green walls are one of the most flexible form of gardening or landscaping system

  • Pocket or Pallet structure: These structures are considered to be one of the ideal ways of growing various kinds of plants, flowers or herbs. These fit in perfectly in small spaces and one advantage you can take is that it can be easily placed at a sunny area such as the area that is facing the fence or the brightest region of the patio or the terrace thereby making use of use and loading it with plants. The pallet structure is known to be the ideal one for small spaces and the reason is because they can be easily segregated into multiple compartments when it comes to planting various species of plants, also they are sturdy and strong enough to act as a protection to the plants just in case of windy air. These structures are cheap to be purchased.
  • Garden Tower: The self-reliant garden tower is seen to be one of the highest performing gardening system that is available in the market. It comes along with some amazing features such as, it just fits in four square feet and can grow up to 40 to 50 plants. This tower rotates easily for accessing enough of sunlight to all the plants, it helps in recycling nutrients, saves a lot of water as well as vermicomposts. This structure is very much easy to use and access and something that even the senior citizens can use. This is considered to be one of the ideal solutions for those having space restricting to only their balcony, terraces of the patio.
  • Gutter System: This is considered to be one of the best tip for small spaces since it would mean reusing the old gutter sections for gardening. It is very much similar to the window box. These gutters are known to get the shorter end of the stick when it is concerned with gardening and the reason for the same is because people normally tend to go for it is when they are looking to replace their rooftop gutters. The gutters can be used for growing a lot of varied kind of plants. All you would need to do is just drill few holes into the bottom of each of the section so as to allow for adequate amount of drainage, then add enough of compost rich soil after which you can tuck in your desired plants. However, one thing you would need to ensure is that the plants you choose should not be taking too much of space.
  • Ladder planter: You can take your creativity to another level if you have a free ladder at home that is no longer used for any purpose. With the help of this ladder you can build up your own ladder planter wherein it would help you in sorting all sorts of plants mostly the smaller ones since they take in less of space. This is an interesting idea for standing up against the fence. These ladder planters have loads of room for the planting and they are considered to be the ideal one for planting herbs, succulents and flowers. You can also look to have a small vegetable garden. With the help of these ladders you can also create something known as the step vertical garden since it is something very much easy to build up and also would provide for a lot of planting space. For this you would need to have rectangular long pots placed on the ladder or in place of the steps.
  • Bottle Garden: The bottle gardening can be done in any form; these bottles can be hung for planting various plants or they can be attached with a string to the wall. There are a lot of old bottles which can be easily recycled however you would need to ensure to drill a hole. But in certain cases some plants may not reach their full size due to the small space of the container. Herbs can be very well stored in these containers.
  • Shoe Divider organizer: Another easier way of making a living green wall or a vertical garden at your small space is to make use of the shoe organizer. You can anytime look to hang in those sacks on to a nail and then fill them up with soil. Make a small hole in these pockets.

Irrespective of the structure that you would use for creating living green walls for small spaces, other things that also matter is the type of plant you are looking to place in those structures, the arrangement for water and the sunlight. Keeping all of this in mind you can surely make a successful living green walls for small spaces as well.